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Pre-Sale Memberships Open Now
Channel and Memberships go live from 6th September 2021





BPT DEX is our decentralized exchange "Moonshot" channel. Our regular exchange trading is consistently profitable and sensibly risk balanced. BPT DEX is where we spread our investment wide over extremely low cap tokens (using only fundamental analysis) aiming to select those which will receive mainstream exchange listings and go parabolic returning us hundreds if not thousands of percent in profit.

We look for such huge growth potential that we only have to be right once.

Membership is limited, current BPT premium members can join now as part of our pre-sale. Pricing is $250 per annum, we will not offer a monthly or lifetime alternative.

Apply now by contacting @BPTadmin.




BPT DEX channel is currently only for existing members of the BPT community.

Please submit a screenshot showing an active subscription to a BlockParty Trading service (Premium membership or active bot subscription).

Prior to sending payment please read and reply to the following disclaimer with a “HELL YEAH!” To tell us you understand and agree with the statement below.

I understand the principle of BPT DEX is to spread ‘Far & Wide’, to make strategic purchases of new and innovative tokens on decentralized exchanges looking to profit from their growth and potential future ICO’s and mainstream exchange listing.

I understand that the tokens discussed and traded here are at risk of delisting, disappearing and falling to zero. I understand that these risks are inherent with the potentially huge rewards available and because I understand this I will not hold BlockParty Trading responsible for any losses I incur.

I understand that BPT DEX will not include set up help, exchange support, technical support or troubleshooting. DEX accounts and their management are solely my responsibility.

I understand that the BlockParty will not take requests for analysis on DEX listed tokens nor will the team answer questions about nor give personal opinions on any coins or tokens.

I understand that all information in this channel is not financial advice and that all information is presented for entertainment purposes only.


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