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BlockParty - Pro Trading Channel  - Description

The “money-maker” of the BPT ecosystem. Here you will find all of the trades, key analysis and key news. Everything that appears here will likely impact the market in some way whether it is a trade or analysis - so make sure your notifications are on.

Trades are all integrated with Cornix for auto-trade accessibility.

Premium Trades are all 100% tracked and recorded with full results recorder here. They contain the full set up of Stop-Losses, Take Profits and Entries along with full chart analysis. 

#IDEAS are more high risk ideas often posted during volatile market conditions and these are not tracked and not used in conjunction with auto-trade facilities. They are also shared to the Free Channel with a 180min delay. 

#BTCLIVE is posted Daily Monday - Friday with full market breakdown and additional snapshot updates throughout the trading day.

Frequency of trades is 100% dependent on the market conditions - we will never trade when the market is bad for the sake of putting out content. Additionally trading on weekends is historically poor and we will reduce trades and exposure always on the weekend. 

BlockParty - Pro Community - Description

For support always tag

This is the live community of BPT - full of like minded crypto traders and the BPT trading team who is available to support and provide analysis. You will have to tag the admin to guarantee a response. Share trades, analysis, ideas and most importantly hilarious GIF’s.

Please note core operating hours for support:
8am to 8pm
Mon - Fri UTC
Sat - Sun Limited availability

This is a Community. Which means it is a privilege not a right. 

Nothing is more important to us than our community - if you are a negative FUDster, disruptive or rude to other members then you will be removed from the Pro Community Group - Please review community rules at end of document.

BlockParty - Pro Market Scanner - Description

The market scanner provides automated signals 24/7 driven by our Alpha Suite (that you also have access to). All of these signals will sync with the signals appearing on your chart along with the Alpha Suite.

Please note that it is not only advised but necessary to conduct your own analysis alongside these to truly get the most out of them. The Take Profit and Stop-Loss prices are fixed to -5% and 10% and nothing more than an example. It is necessary to add your own curated stop losses and take profits to be more reliable. Extremely effective and consistent with a little practice.  

BlockParty - Pro Newsfeed & On-Chain - Description

Here you will find the latest macro news, token updates, listings and focused on-chain data. We have done our best to avoid spam and only include market moving news. Pay attention to this channel as nothing moves the market like good news!


How To Use:
Alpha Suite Indicator Guide

Adding Indicators To Tradingview:

1) Save your chart

2) Refresh your web browser
3) Open the indicators tab

4) Select Invite-Only and select the “Alpha” 

Indicators to add them to your chart

Alpha Prime Indicator - Description

A Framework based indicator that is built to aid mainly with identifying TREND DIRECTION & SUPPORT, 


Alpha Wave Indicator - Description

The one oscillator of the Alpha Suite - built solely to identify the reversals. This is done by tracking the RSI, The “Wave” (Custom built wave to track price momentum) and Divergences.

Alpha Trend Indicator - Description

This is a framework style indicator is based on helping to identify trend lines and breakouts quickly

What Else?

Everything else you will need to get started trading or even improve your trading can be found below


⭐️ Kucoin - Receive 20% off Volume Fee’s
Binance - Receive 10% off Volume Fee’s
FTX- Receive 5% off Volume Fee’s
MEXC - Available to US traders

Further Services

BlockParty Labs - Details Coming Soon

Trading Bots

Trading Bot Guide

BigWickEnergy+ - Pro-Trader Smart DCA Bot
BotParty+ - Automated Smart DCA Bot
DeLorean - Coming Soon
Hot.Rod - Coming Soon

BigWickEnergy- Pro Trader DCA Bot
BotParty- Automated DCA Bot
DeLorean -
Hot.Rod - Coming Soon


Mizar - NextGen Smart Trade & Bot Platform
Receive 5% Volume Fee Reduction
3Commas - Smart Trade & Bot Platform

Receive 100% discount off first purchase of monthly subscription
Cornix - Auto-Trade System
Tradingview - Charting Tools


Weekly Newsletter

BlockParty Trading - Free Crypto News & Signals

BlockParty Trading - DCA & Trading Bots

Rules & Offence’s

Please play by the rules as breaching can result in a non-refundable ban, you have been warned - these are outlined in our T’s & C’s but just so we are crystal clear.

☠️ Do not share or sell any BlockParty Trading Signals or Content without prior consent of the BPT team - this will result in a ban from ALL channels

☠️ Contacting other members directly promoting other groups or shilling assets will result in a permanent ban from ALLchannels

☠️ Don’t be rude or insensitive to other members or you will be removed from the community channel

☠️ Posting pictures of guns, porn and illegal substances is not permitted and will be removed - persistent violation will result in being removed from the Community channel

☠️ Using the indicators for any commercial enterprise will result in a ban from all channels, removal of any BPT product(s) and as per T’s & C’s will be pursued legally.

☠️ Do not post links, trades or ideas from other trading channels, it may seem harmless but can be seen as BPT using external content and will be removed. Persistent violation will result in a ban from the community channel


Your investments are your responsibility

We do not accept any liability for any loss or damage which is incurred from you acting or not acting as a result of reading any of our publications. You acknowledge that you use the information we provide at your own risk. BlockParty Trading does not offer investment advice and nothing in the calls we make should be construed as investment advice. BlockParty Trading provides information and education based on our own trades. You are paying to follow our trades that we document for educational purposes.

Telegram: @BPTADMIN           E-MAIL: admin@blockpartytrading.com

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